Yacht Surface Restoration

Why Yacht Restoration?

Yachts are a big investment, and are often difficult to maintain. While there are maintenance crews that come and service your yacht, few of those companies know how to properly polish and restore your yacht’s natural surface. If someone who doesn’t have proper knowledge tries to clean the stone, it could risk permanent damage. We want to avoid situations like these, therefore we come and restore the natural stone on your yacht for you.

We are accustomed to adjusting to last minute jobs, as well as schedule changes due to other contractors and weather changes for any vessel.  We are very discreet operate in a precise and meticulous manner, to ensure our customers’ privacy. Most yachts have natural stone in the bathrooms (such as the vanity or the shower), the foyer, or even the bars and staircases. We are happy to assist you in your stone restoration needs, and we strive to educate you and your crew for daily and intensive cleaning solutions.

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