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Marble is one of the most popular natural stones in many Boca Raton houses and for good reason.  Not only is marble extremely beautiful but it comes in a wide variety of options.  However, marble like any natural stones does need maintenance to keep it in perfect condition and some marble will need complete restoration. 

Marble Cleaning Service

One of the best ways to keep your marble in top condition is with regularly scheduled cleanings.  Marble is a soft stone and therefore over time can scratch and lose its shine.  Cleaning your marble is recommended to do once a year.  We offer professional marble cleaning services that will keep the shine alive in your stone. 

Marble Honing Service

Honed marble is a great finish which offers more of a smooth velvety touch and less shininess you find with polishing it.  Many homeowners find honed marble to be better for areas with high foot traffic since it is very scratch resistant.  One point to make with honed marble is to never clean it with regular soap because it will seep through the surface and darken its color. 

Marble Polishing Service

Polishing marble is another very popular finish to this stone.  It offers the shiny, glossy look so many people desire out of their natural stone selection.  However, it is easy to scratch and more noticeable due to the shiny nature of a polished finish. Polishing marble is more recommended for areas that do not get much foot traffic, so think bathroom countertops, kitchen countertops and other areas where things are less prone to fall on the floor or receive a lot of foot traffic.   

Marble Sealing Service

Many homeowners think that polishing or honing seals their marble too, but this is not true.  Even with a nice finish like honing or polishing it is recommended to seal the marble as well.  With marble being a rather porous natural stone spills can easily lead to stains therefore making sure your marble is sealed is very important to its upkeep.  Especially for lighter marbles it is recommended that every 3-6 months getting it sealed, darker marbles should be sealed once per year, stains are far less noticeable if at all with dark marble. 

At Affordable Marble Restoration of Boca Raton we are proud to offer homeowners very high quality marble restorations services at an affordable rate.  We have serviced hundreds of houses in the Palm Beach county area.  Call us today to get a free estimate on your marble restoration job.

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