Marble is a natural stone from limestone family. It is a non-foliated metamorphic rock from the age of the dinosaurs. It is the most versatile, soft and porous natural stone. It is available in a variety of colors, textures, designs and patterns. People from antiquity would use marble to build tombs, temples and other places of significant importance, however nowadays marble is found in millions of homes throughout the world and in many commercial buildings as well.

How to Clean Marble Floor

Dating back thousands of years marble has been used to create beautiful floors. Its beauty and sophistication makes it popular even today. As far as natural stone goes, it’s amongst the most elegant. But like any other natural stone for marble to maintain that luster and shine that people are drawn to it needs to be properly cleaned and maintained. Should you find your floors in need of cleaning marble here are the steps to do so:

  • Remove all dust and dirt particles from the floor by using a dry mop.
  • Next mix 3 tablespoons of baking soda and a decent amount of dish-washing liquid soap to 1 quarter of warm water. Thoroughly mixl. Commercial stone cleaner is also another alternate for this purpose.
  • These DIY steps can help you clean marble flooring efficiently:
    • Fill a bucket with plain tap water.
    • Now dip a soft cloth, nonabrasive sponge or soft bristled scrub brush into the soapy solution and scrub the floor.
    • Rinse the sponge or brush frequently in the plain water. Empty and refill the bucket when the water becomes dirty.
    • Make a paste by mixing 1 cup of plaster, diatomaceous earth, talc or powdered white chalk and water. Stir constantly. Mix well until you get a thick consistency like sour cream.
    • Wet the stained area with distilled water and spread a thick layer of poultice paste on the stains.
    • Cover each stain with the plastic wrap and tape all the edges well to secure the poultice with masking tape.
    • Leave it for approximately 24 to 48 hours, until it completely dries out.
    • Now remove the plastic wrap and wipe out the poultice with wet cloth or sponge.
    • Lastly apply a commercial stone sealant according to the package directions on the floor.
    • Note: a pound of poultice mixture covers 1 square foot approximately.

Not everyone is going to be inclined to clean their own marble floors.  In fact most homeowners with marble flooring will often look to find a company that can help do this professionally.  For those looking for a quality West Palm Beach marble cleaning & polishing company look no farther than Affordable Marble Restoration, one of the top marble companies in all of South Florida.