Commercial Stone Restoration

Does your business need its natural stone restored?

When you have multiple customers walking in and out of your business, the floors can and will get weathered. People love going into a clean environment, while marble floors are beautiful, unpolished marble floors are not. We provide quality cleaning and care for many types of natural stone flooring and surfaces for hotels, bars, restaurants, and even condominium homes. We’re also more than willing to stay and maintain the property for an extended period of time, in order to keep your natural surfaces looking as pristine as possible.

Having a beautiful granite or marble floor is a beautiful thing, only if it’s properly maintained and cared for.  In many cases, the most common areas in a building endure a lot of foot-traffic and heavy scuffing.  We can implement a non-invasive and efficient service plan for many of your professional maintenance needs, and we can also teach your resident cleaning staff to use the proper products and best methods for interim and daily cleaning.

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